The Scoop On Home Security

Best Buy Co, Inc.

In today’s society we see surveillance everywhere we go. We see security cameras at shopping malls, banks, grocery stores and more. They’re there for our protection and many times they come through to prove exactly what happens at a critical moment in time!

So why don’t we see more home security systems? Well, the answer to that is we do! Home security systems have been on the market for a long time. They’ve been somewhat costly, and quite difficult to install for the average consumer. Over the past couple years, all that has changed! Wireless companies such as Ring, Nest, and Arlo have created Wi-Fi Enabled systems that allow you to monitor your house with ease! No more messy cables, solar panels are no available to power your cameras, and the video surveillance can go straight to your phone!

Lastly, home security cameras have advanced so far in technology that many homes DO have cameras installed but you just can’t see them. Often times those cameras are so small that they are mounted underneath the eve of one’s roof and you can’t see them from the street but they can see you!