Breaking: Hidden Program Helps Millions of Homeowners

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The average American’s AC repair bill is now $7,160¹. A little known program has quietly been allowing legal U.S. citizens to dramatically reduce their home repair costs and get their financial life back on track. Of course the banks are uneasy about you learning about this program and our reporters had to dig deep to bring you this news.

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I felt powerless and ripped off. How could our home inspector have missed such an expensive repair? I don’t have $7000 for a new AC unit!” – Marion Knight – Johnson Creek, Wisconsin

Home Repair Debt Is Causing Depression and Ruining Lives

Researchers have found a statistically significant link between home repair debt and increases in symptoms of depression². 

For many Americans simply having a little extra breathing room can make all of the difference between being able to take care of their families or drowning in bills every single month.

A study of 33,720 U.S. households published in the January 2016 edition of Psychology Science found that those with higher levels of credit card debt were more likely to purchase over-the-counter pain killers.

The Sad Truth Is This Situation Is Easily Avoidable!

Tragically most people never learn about the many programs available to them that will legally defend you from the predatory home repair companies. 

The fact is you’re a savvy reader but this is unknown to many, if you or a loved one have home repair bills then you probably qualify for a home protection program. This is a huge problem for large banks and repair companies because they lose money when you learn about these programs.

You see, banks don’t want you to know home repair costs can be avoided. It’s in their best interest to keep you trapped paying exorbitant repair bills so they can line their pockets with your hard earned cash.

This is why it’s really a no-brainer to jump on this now before the current President or Congress eliminate this program that has been quietly helping so many Americans.

Thousands of homeowners could forget about home repair costs, but sadly most of them think it’s too good to be true. Remember, if you or a loved one own a home, you may qualify to have your home repairs covered. Instantly see online if you qualify for a no cost call with a program specialist.

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